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Providing meals for whoever needs it

Held by Kevin Rey
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Hi everyone,

We are a bible study from The Way Church in Vancouver BC and this holiday season, we wanted to make a difference for those who don't have the means to feed themselves or the people they're caring for. In response to the example of Christ, who gave generously himself and regularly met peoples tangible physical needs, we've put together this campaign to fundraise enough through the Greater Vancouver Food Bank to feed a family of four 3 meals a day for three months.

Because the food bank can essentially double the impact of whatever money we raise here, we're looking to raise $3.50 per meal, which makes it our goal is to raise $1750 by the time this campaign ends on December 11th.

Please join us with a contribution of any size so the people who rely on the food bank can experience an illustration of God's love for them on earth and enjoy good, nourishing food. Donations are tax-deductible (reciepts are given from the food bank).

Thank you so much,