NewGrind COVID-19 Food Bank Donation

Held by Newgrind Inc.
$1614 Raised

Fundraiser Donors

  2. Derryl Thiessen
  4. Carissa Jacob
  5. Del Thiessen
  6. Owen Rogers
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  8. Julie
  9. Jessica Toevs
  10. Chanelle Macintyre
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Hi Everyone,

As you are all aware many communities have been hit hard by COVID 19, BC is no exception. Our food banks are in desparate need of donations, an increased demand along with a decrease in donations means the families and single parents that rely on this service to feed their families are no longer able to access the food they need to keep their family fed.

At NewGrind we believe whole heartedly that we are all in this together and by doing what we can to help we will get through this. We understand that many families are facing job loss, reduced hours and financial stress through these tough times.Remember, that for every $1 donated, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank can purchase around $3 of healthy, nutritious food.

I implore all of you to do what you can, even $1 or $2 will help ensure that a family can put food on their table tomorrow. As a company we have set a goal of $2500 in cash donations, this will give the foodbank buying power of $7500 worth of food. We will be donating 2.5% weekly from our tool sales to help support this fund, we sincerely appreciate anything that you can do to help us reach this goal.

Thank you in advance,

NewGrind Inc.