Welcome to My Virtual Food Drive

Held by Dan Bennett
$1255 Raised

Fundraiser Donors

  1. Dan Bennett
  2. Brent Hoshizaki
  3. Jordan Polgar
  4. Teddy
  5. Gerry Sung
  6. Auntie M.
  7. The Muir Fam
  8. Christopher Uy
  9. Gwen Little
  10. Vikas
  11. Brody, Tanner, and Piper

Hi Y'all,

I have these two buddies at work - Jonathan Freeman and Freeman's Beard, and they are doing a great, physical distance-compliant activity together to raise funds for the Vancouver Food Bank. So me and my small beard are joining him, his beard and his whole beard team to help some people who are in need, especially during this tough time.

I hope my beard does its part and makes for some better pictures as time passes, and along the way, it'd be great if you either join Jonathan's team and stop shaving with us, or kick in some $$ for our virtual food drive. We're going until May 17, at which point there's apparently going to be a group shave. The last time I shaved it all off my kids couldn't stop laughing and pointing at me for 3 days.

To chip in is easy, big or small- please click either the "Join Team" or big green "Donate" button above.

The food bank more than ever needs our help - many people are uncertain how they will continue to put food on the table during this difficult time, and the unsettling reality of high unemployment for many months means their need will continue. Let's try and throw a tiny positive spin on this time of home isolation and make fun of each other's BIG (or in my case, sad) beards!

Together we can do it! Rememberthat forevery $1 donated, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank can purchase around $3 of healthy, nutritious food.

Thank you in advance for joining my Virtual Food Drive and helping me reach my personal goal of $2,000!

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