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Team Captain: Wesgroup Properties
$5000 Raised

Direct Team Donations

  1. Fred Fawcett - Head Office
  2. Helen Head Office


Please join us in fundraising to support theMayor's Food Bank Challenge! This is Wesgroup's second year supporting the Mayor's Food Bank Challenge and this year we are hosting a friendly competition between head office and site staff to see who can collect the most donations by the end of this month. Donations can be made online or non-perishable items can be dropped off at the head office(20th floor staff lounge)or on site(River District Customer Care, Parcel 26 Trailer or Brewery District Building 7 Trailer).

If you are making a donation online, please include"Site"or"Head Office."

See examples:

John Doe - Site

Jane Doe - Head Office

Anonymous - Site

Happy fundraising!