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Welcome to Our Virtual Food Drive

Held by Mika Livingston
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Hello dear family and friends,

We are very sad to have to cancel our annual Skating Party this year... one of our very favourite parts of the holidays. We always look forward to connecting with each of you, celebrating the season, and just having fun. It has been amazing to see so many babies and kids grow up year after year at the rink.But despite everything that is challenging about 2020, we are still so fortunate- to have our health, to have each other even if we can't be so close right now. And because every year at Skating Party we all try to support others who are having a tough time by bringing donations to the Food Bank, we wanted to make sure that that part of Skating Party still continued if possible...So we have signed up to host a Virtual Food Drive in support of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

If you are able, please join us in supporting the Food Bank by participating in ourVirtual Food Drive. Just click the 'donate' button at the top right to have a virtual shopping experience that lets you select healthy, nutritious foods for Food Bank clients... and forevery $1 donated, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank can double the value.

Thank you in advance for joining our Virtual Food Drive... and we'll see you next year at Skating Party!

Stay safe, stay well... and Merry Christmas!

Terumi, Ryan, Caden, and Liam

Mika, Andrew, Marin and Archer