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Ziva Dynamics Thanksgiving Virtual Food Drive

Held by Ziva Family
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Fundraiser Donors

  1. James Jacobs
  2. Hendrik Kueck
  3. James F Jacobs
  4. Davide
  5. Dhruva Pathak
  6. rafiq dandoo
  7. Eric P
  8. Sarah Kelvin-Davies
  9. Ashton Louie
  10. Jenny L Winterbottom
  11. Stanislav Paponov
  13. Christopher Macwana
  15. Ashton
  16. Anonymous


Greetings Ziva Family,

We wish you all a delicious, relaxing, and family-filled Thanksgiving long weekend.
During these challenging, socially-distant times, it is important to remember the many amazing things we all still have in our lives, and never take for granted the silver linings amidst the discomfort. One thing we know with full certainty is that being able to work at a growing company that offers the stability and support needed to afford delicious Thanksgiving meals, or any meal, is luxury that majority of the world simply does not get.

In our local Vancouver community, there are thousands of individuals who struggle to provide for their children or say with confidence where their next meal might be coming from. And amidst COVID19, that population is growing rapidly.Over 400,000 BC jobs have been lost since the pandemicand the low income families that are able to continue working are at greater risk of exposure as they are unable to work from home. Crucial jobs like grocery store clerks, social housing staff, care home aides, educational assistants, cleaners, etc. often go unnoticed and, many would argue, are undervalued.The Greater Vancouver Food Bank client demand has increased by 20% over the past 6 months, with 80% of those new client sitingthe pandemic as the reason for their new need for assistance.

It is with great enthusiasm and love that Ziva is kicking off the first of our many 'Give Back' initiatives with this quick digital food drive. We are excited to announce thatZiva Dynamics Inc. will be matching all donations made by our team members!!!So, your giving power just doubled (and we don't mind if you take credit for it haha).

Please, send through your donation before Tuesday, October 13,at 10:00am PT.
The highest donation will get bragging rights ;) Because everything can be a fun competition. But, feel free to make your donation anonymousif you'd prefer. Anything helps.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and considering donating to this outstanding local resource. If you wish to learn more about the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, please visit

With love and appreciation,

Ashton Louie (Marketing) & Sarah Kelvin-Davies (People + Culture)