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Hi Everyone,

For the past several holiday seasons, the English Language and Culture program in Lifelong Learning hosts a food drive with the Great Vancouver Food Bank that engages our students and raises community awareness. Along with our fellow colleagues in Lifelong Learning and our Vancouver and Surrey campus community, friends and families, we have managed to donate over 500 + hundred food items yearlyin the past in addition to thousands of dollars in cash donations.

This year,the need for help is even greater than ever before. 2022has been a tough year. Allof us have been impacted by the skyrocketing costs of living andfood, especially those who are already struggling withfoodinsecurity in our communities. People who have never needed to access the foodbank are now reaching out because they simply cannot make ends meet.

Once again, I've signed up to host a Virtual Food Drive in support of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank on behalf of Lifelong Learning at Simon Fraser University! I'm super excited about the work the Food Bank is doing; providing access to healthy fresh food for its clients. Our donations will help.

Last year we raised $4368and I'm hoping this year we can raise at least$5500.

I'm asking you to support the Food Bank by participating in our Virtual Food Drive. Just click the 'donate' button at the top right to have a virtual shopping experience that lets you select healthy, nutritious foods for Food Bank clients. Or, you can select the option below the shopping cart to make a general cash donation that allows the Greater Vancouver Food Bank to purchase any items needed.

Every item you purchase will help us reach our goal as posted at the right! It would be so amazing if we could double the goal!

Together we can do it! Remember, that for every $1 donated, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank can double ortriple the value. Please feel free to share our Virtual Food Drive with your friends and family and social media.

Thank you in advance for joining the Lifelong Learning SFU Virtual Food Drive!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at .

Stay healthy and safe this holiday season.

Best always,