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Welcome to My Virtual Food Drive

Held by UBC Pathology
$100 Image Badge $100
$501 Image Badge $500
$1000 Image Badge $1000
$2551 Raised

Fundraiser Donors

  1. Anonymous Resident Elf
  2. Majus Minus
  3. Anonymous clever name
  4. Tony Ng
  5. LPC Lee and ED Brunsden
  6. Zat you, Santa Claus?
  7. Anonymous
  8. Hagrid
  9. Krampus
  10. "That's why it's a five-year program."
  11. Red Nose Reindeer
  12. Bah Humbug
  13. Krangus McDangus
  14. The gingerbread resident
  15. Whonderful Whorld-er
  16. Da Grinch
  17. Merry Chrysler
  18. Microscope minion


Welcome to the 2nd annual UBC Pathology virtual food drive for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

Last year, by the efforts of the magnificent Magus, Elf Mentor, A Polar Bear, Mr. and Mrs Claus and a large army of resident elves, we raised a whopping $2380.

This year has been a tough one for so many people within our community. Our donations will support children, individuals who have lost their jobs, single families, seniors, and anyone who just needs a little bit of help. For every $1 donated, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank can double the value.

You will receive a tax receipt with every online donation.

Thank you in advance for supporting UBC Pathology's Virtual Food Drive!