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Teck Exploration & Geoscience Services

Team Captain: Nancy Pham
$1815 Raised

Direct Team Donations

  1. Ross Pritchard
  2. Paul Kearney
  3. Tina Roth
  4. Kevin Chubb
  5. Nancy Pham
  6. Christina Taylor
  7. Mike Takaichi
  8. Anonymous


Hi everyone and happy December!

I am so happy to announce the 3rd Annual Exploration & Geoscience Services Virtual Food Drive for the Greater Vancouver Foodbank. Last year, we raised $6,900 for the Food Bank, so I hope we are able to match if not EXCEED that number this year. Together we can do it! Remember, that for every $1 donated, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank can purchase around $3 of healthy, nutritious food.

2020 - $10,000

2021 - $6,900

2022 - ???

NOTE: This fundraiser is NOT a part of Tecks community giving program. This means that you must submit a donation matching request for Teck to match.

Thank you in advance for joining our Virtual Food Drive!